Previous J.P. Morgan Associate Disallowed for Choosing Not to Work Together with FINRA Examination

FINRA has eradicated a previous J.P. Morgan signed up a representative from the brokerage market for cannot work together with an examination into accusations that she misused funds from a bank connected with J.P. Morgan Securities.

Whitley Kiara Hood worked for J.P. Morgan in Chicago and was willingly ended in April, inning accordance with a settlement she reached with FINRA this month. She decreased to supply on the record statement relating to the accusations versus her, a choice that instantly leads to a bar, FINRA u-4 stated.

FINRA did not offer information of the supposed misdeed beyond keeping in mind that it involved the possible diversion of funds from a J.P. Morgan-affiliated bank.

Hood did not return voice messages left at Northern Trust, where she works as an expert, inning accordance with her LinkedIn profile. Hood works as “a reporting contact for the customer to offer a resolution of complicated deals” and “offers support to account supervisors with inquiries gotten from customers concerning particular reporting concerns,” she composes in her profile.

Northern Trust Corp. is not noted as an FINRA member company. The bar enforced by the regulator avoids her from working for FINRA member companies in any capability, inning accordance with the settlement arrangement.

Hood worked for J.P. Morgan Chase Bank from June 2013 to October 2014, when she signed up with J.P. Morgan Securities, BrokerCheck records reveal.

In her settlement with FINRA, Hood neither confessed nor rejected the charges, but granted an entry of FINRA’s findings.

Michael Fusco, a representative for Chase Wealth Management, decreased to talk about the matter.

Hood signs up with at least 2 other bank advisors disallowed from the market this year for choosing not to comply with FINRA examinations. Mark Peter Koestner, a previous advisor with Wells Fargo in Naples, Florida, was disallowed in April for declining FINRA’s demand to stand for an on-the-record interview relating to accusations that he participated in a personal securities deal or an outdoors business activity that was not authorized. Kenneth Lynn Miller, a previous broker with First Tennessee Bank implicated of taking money from retail bank consumers, dealing with a comparable fate. He was ousted in March for choosing not to offer the regulator with the files and info it asked for.